DP | Aerial Director

Steve has been nominated for and won several awards as Director of Photography over the last decade.  Who you hire to shoot your ‘baby’ is both subjective and a leap of faith.   Whether on land or in the air; people, budget and content are the three considerations before any project commences.

Contact Steve directly and arrange to meet him in person to discuss your project further.



GL Films Production Camera

Black Magic Production 4K

Black Magic Pocket Cinema

Black Magic Pocket Cinema







We shoot with the Black Magic Production 4K & Pocket Cinema Cameras on the ground and in the air in conjunction with the Cinestar 8 Heavylift drone. The technology of a digital film camera packed into smaller sizes. Shoot in RAW or Pro Res * Our aerial platform can also carry C300 & RED. If you have other equipment in mind, have a look at Film Equipment Hire Ireland for all things film & television.

* Shooting in RAW has battery life and file size implications reducing flight times.

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