Eye Of The Hurricane: BOX SET Gift Card


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Eye Of The Hurricane: BOX SET Gift Card is for you to send the box set as a gift to either yourself, or someone else.  You will be able to attach this product to an email and write a message for that person.

Eye Of The Hurricane: BOX SET Gift Card

This product is the full box set of both the feature film “Eye Of The Hurricane” and the full concert “David Wilcox: Live At The Fitzgerald Theater” that was recorded as part of the documentary.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in your life.  If you’ve ever had that feeling like maybe there was something more to your story, but you didn’t quite know how to find it?  This film is for you.  I know for myself, I found great power in the way music was able to speak to me in a time where I was quite depressed and lost.  Music just has a way of getting through barriers that normal conversation just can’t.  And David Wilcox has a unique style to his craft that is unlike any other singer-songwriter I’ve seen.

A total of 3 hours of programming, this is a deep dive into the unique power of David’s music.  This project was built so that these two products would work in tandem. Get the context of what David sings about, and then go on to watch him in concert – see if his music resonates with your heart. A master storyteller, you can only get his style by taking the time to really listen to what he is singing about.


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