I’m sorry you are having difficulties with our process. If you are looking for how to use a gift certificate there is an outline below the form. If you are looking for how to load the movie onto your iphone or ipad, I have a section below for that as well. If there is something else you need help with, please use the form below and let us know how we can help.  Make sure you include your email address so we can get back to you.  If you are a Wilcox Donor, and you need your coupon, just let us know in the description box and we’ll get it sorted.


Using A Gift Certificate:

If you have received a gift certificate, the shop uses them in a fairly odd way.  Go to the shop and go through the process as thou you are buying the item you were gifted.  THEN, go back to your email with the coupon.  Click on the coupon and it should automatically apply to your cart.  It might take you back to a page other than your cart, but go back to your cart and see if the coupon has been applied.   Scroll down and you will see a note saying the coupon was applied.  If it is all good, just go through the checkout process, enter your info and email address and it will send you the links to the downloads. If there is a problem, it will say something like “This coupon does not match what you have in your cart”.  If that is the case, check to make sure you have the right item in your cart.  If everything matches up and it still doesn’t work, use the form above and let me know what is going on and I will sort it out as quickly as I can.

Downloading Directly to Ipad Or Iphone:

It turns out that you can’t directly download the video to an Ipad or Iphone.  (thanks apple).  The way to do that is to download the video to your computer and then use the computer to sync to your ipad or iphone.  (see below).  Here is a link to some possible solutions for the iPad or iPhone.  I’m testing another solution out now, and I’ll post something here if I figure it out.  If you come across a solution please let me know.

Loading the movie onto your iphone:

If you have the movie on your computer, and you want to put it on your iphone.  It’s a two step process.  First, open up itunes.  Go to the movie tab.  Make sure you are not in the itunes store, but on your computer.  Drag the movie from your computer to that window in the itunes video tab.  You should be able to see the movie inside of itunes now.  If it isn’t in the movie tab, check in your “home videos” tab.  You should see a file called “Eye_Of_The_Hurricane.mp4”.  Now, if you go into your phone icon inside of itunes, you can select that movie to sync to your iphone.  You will need approximately 3.8 Gigs of space on whatever device you are loading to.    If you need further help, watch this video first.  It helped me figure it out.