Eye Of The Hurricane

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“It was very moving; excellent in every aspect. A real look at how music effects our lives. Thanks for the making this film.”
Suzanne Hill

“I downloaded the “Bundled Set”, the documentary plus the concert. The documentary is very well made and very emotional. It’s format took me by surprise, in a very good way. The soundtrack is, of course, awesome. The two downloads go well together, and I think to have only one or the other instead of both would be missing a great deal of the experience.”
Wade Hampton

“Finished the movie with my wife – well done. Enjoyed how you weaved it together – extremely relateable (if that’s a word). Thanks for your passion and sharing part of your journey.”
Drew Keller



David Wilcox circa 2009

If you’ve ever felt stuck in your life or had that feeling like maybe the choices you are making aren’t getting you where you want to be?  Maybe you know in your heart there is something more to your story but you don’t quite know where to find that new chapter? If you can answer yes to those questions then “Eye Of The Hurricane” is for you. More than just a music documentary, “Eye Of The Hurricane” is about finding a life that sustains you – with a killer soundtrack! There is no film like this one. It’s definitely an original.  Give it a chance and like a good song, it might just lighten your heart, and change your life.

I know for myself, I found great power in the way music was able to speak to me in a time where I was quite depressed, lost, and trying to move forward out of it all. Music has a way of getting through barriers that normal conversation just can’t, unless you have a relationship that allows for that kind of intimacy. David Wilcox has a unique style to his craft that is unlike any other singer-songwriter I’ve come across. Davids skill at telling stories and articulating ideas around music and a healthy heart is worth exploration. It’s why I set out to make this film.

Many films are the same no matter how many times you watch them. I think this one is different. This film will change as you change, and the more you watch it, the more you will see in it.


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If you’d like to learn more about David (the star of this film) you can find his music here.

I am thrilled to finally have this little bird fly its nest.

Steven Flynn – Director